Music producer, DJ, designer and teacher

About SomeJerk

Very few DJ's can create a remix in the morning and play it the same night to a crowd at a packed club. This has been the self-set standard for SomeJerk, also known as John Gregory II, since his beginnings as a DJ 10 years ago.

Accidentally winning the Miami New Times "Best New Electronica Artist" in 2010, the Hollywood, Florida born producer found himself working at the Scratch DJ Academy in Miami just a few months later, using skills developed over 15 years as a music producer and engineer.

As the decade has passed, SomeJerk has found himself championing the next big thing in bass at underground parties while maintaining a level of accessibility for casual club goers. Known for mixing wonky future beats with hiphop vocals, live jungle mash ups and testing the limits of subwoofer speakers, no SomeJerk performance is the same as the last.

In pursuit of his true passion - creating bass heavy beats - SomeJerk has at times found a balance as an open format DJ in retail stores, clubs and bars. Proving that no matter the crowd, SomeJerk has the sound.

Electronic Press Kit

Scratch DJ Academy

The Scratch DJ Academy was founded in 2002 by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, in New York. Since then, academies in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and dozens of satellite locations in hotels, cruise ships and elsewhere.

I began instructing music production at the Miami school in 2011, focusing on Ableton Live. From basic editing, to creating remixes and originals to advanced sampling and sound design, my passion for creating music found a new outlet through sharing my knowledge. 

The academy has now relocated to Hollywood, FL - schedule a free DJ lesson through an open house and visit our new spot

BassLine Miami

In May of 2016, BassLine Miami was established as a monthly event, every first Sunday at Kill Your Idol on South Beach, Miami. 

"Bass music from every BPM" is the motto and the mission, promoting underground bass music without being bound to a genre or tempo. 

Since it's inception, the party has booked dozens of the best electronic music DJ's, producers and performers creating a unique home in an otherwise commercial area. 

The party will now occur on Friday and Saturday dates only starting March 2018, indicating that this is just the beginning for BassLine Miami.