WMC 2015 Schedule & Promo Mix

WMC time! Catch me at the following:

03/25 – Sick Day In the Sun
03/27 – TBA
03/28 – Stank Love

Here’s a quick mix I did with some forthcoming Signaflo releases and other fun stuff.

Track list:

1. Bad Company UK – Miami Flashback
2. Marka (DONKONG RMX)
3. Dusty Ohms – 91 (somejerk remix)
4. Graphs x Tone Ra – Chopper
5. somejerk – Quantum Funk
6. somejerk – Shift (Akrophobia remix)
7. somejerk – Shift (Knoxz remix)
8. Red Rat – Tight Up Skirt (somejerk jungle remix)
9. Itoa – French Cola
10. Fracture & Chimpo – From Early (Fractures Reduction mix)
11. Dusty Ohms – Spooked (somejerk remix)
12. Darren Keen – Frank Herbert Blues (somejerk remix)
13. Iyer – Sunlight (loud mix)
14. Stereotype – Lost In Los Angeles
15. Will Miles – Draw 4
16. Digital – Deadline (Kutclass remix)
17. Om Unit – Metaclash Riddim

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February 2015 Top 10


1. Drew’s Theory – Envious (Signaflo)

2. Bongiovanni X Compton Chic – Never Felt So Rite (CUFT Remix)

3. Darren Keen – Frank Herbert Blues (somejerk remix)

4. Itoa – Top Deck (Moresounds Redub)

5. GEOTHEORY – You’re Everything

6. KAW – UOENO Champagne

7. FatGyver – Talk To Strangers (feat. Raw Poetic & Blu)

8. O$P$ – Outrage Of Modesty (Nikes Remix)

9. Graphs – foxdie

10. Spor – Our Space

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DJ Madd OD – Someone (Breakage remix) [somejerk 160 bootleg]

I did a super unauthorized edit to the classic “Someone”. I used to rinse the Breakage remix constantly back in the dubstep days. My update is a 160BPM tribute, mastered by Fanu and engineer to wreck sound systems. 


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Darren Keen – Bamboo USB Necklace

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 6.03.15 PM

I’ve got a remix on this album – get your copy today via USB!

When you’re releasing music from a big hairy producer that hardly showers, you often ask yourself – what is the best way to get this man’s music to the people?

With an eco-friendly bamboo USB drive necklace of course! USB Is My Co-Pilot is just the 2nd time that Seclusiasis has ever done a USB release, and for the beast that is Darren Keen, we’ve got a pretty slick little flash drive on deck!

Roland Is My Co-Pilot – 4 song EP (Wav & Mp3)
Remix Is My Co-Pilot – 7 song EP (Wav & Mp3) featuring Todd Fink, Starkey, BSN Posse, Somejerk, King, Filtercutter and Normaling
Remix Is Your Co-Pilot – Wav stems of the 4 Roland EP songs – make your own remix!
Beautiful high resolution cover art by Tim Shaw & Christopher Brown

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Select Kuts Volume 2 : SOMEJERK Adventures in 160


Select Kuts Volume 2 :
Adventures in 160

An experience of familiar, new and weird at 160 beats per minute, curated by SOMEJERK.


1. Von Dizzle – Looking Forward (Chateau Bruyant)
2. somejerk – Bubble Flex (Ground Mass)
3. Chango – Dancehall Dub (dub)
4. somejerk – Quantum Funk (Seclusiasis)
5. Atlantic Connection – Champions (SMOG)
6. DJ Cable & Dusty Ohms – Mmm (dub)
7. Juke FX – Blow Ya Juke (dub)
8. The Renegades – Lavender Camels (Ground Mass)
9. Graphs – Golds (Dynamix Records)
10. Gray Ghost – Pumps (Signaflo)
11. Junglord – Religion (Goodstreet Records)
12. MachineDrum – SeeSea VIP (dub)
13. Kush Theoriez – I’m A Smoker (somejerk 160 edit)
14. Juke FX – Mark A Juke (Goodstreet Records)
15. Pinch – Punisher (somejerk 160 edit)
16. Druthers & Drips – Hit ‘Em (Sinistarr remix) [Loose Squares]
17. Crypticz – 1992 (Goodstreet Records)
18. Tittsworth Feat. Q – Tip, Theophilus London, & Alison Carney – After The Dance (somejerk 160 edit)
19. Wheez-Ie – 3rd Ward Shuffle (Hot Mom USA)
20. J(ay).A.D – Herb Smoothy (Ground Mass)
21. Danny Scrilla – Shai Hulud (dub)
22. Big Booty Bitches – Dj Dice Beats (dub)
23. Squarepusher – Deep Fried Pizza (Warp)
24. KorgBrain – Higher (Big Dope P Remix) [Police Records/Brigade Mondaine]
25. Digital – Deadline (kutclass remix)[dub]
26. Dawn Day Night – Death Of Scorpio (Astrophonica)
27. somejerk – Molly (Ground Mass)
28. Coleco – Bizzniz ‘n’ Ting (Ground Mass)
29. The Roots – Never (somejerk 160 edit)
30. Deft – Promise Me (Project Mooncircle)
31. Wu-Tang – CREAM (somejerk 160 edit)
32. Druthers & Drips – Black N Blue (Loose Squares)
33. Sid Vashi & Soopy – Sit Around (Iyer Rework) [dub]
34. Stereotype – Overtown Dub (Graphs Mix) [Signaflo]
35. somejerk – Peace Dub (Signaflo)

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Guest mix for Good Street Radio

I made a mix for Good Street Radio featuring some of my own originals, edits and favorite tunes of the moment.

Track Listing:

1. somejerk & Drew’s Theory – Break Legends (Signaflo)
2. Danny Scrilla – Hindsight (Bandcamp)
3. Djunya – Origin (Dub)
4. Moresounds – Rahstok (31 Recordings)
5. Q-Bass – Deepa (somejerk bootleg) [Bandcamp]
6. Johney – Downburst (Ground Mass)
7. somejerk – Bubble Flex (Ground Mass)
8. Chango – Push (Dub)
9. Howie Lee ft Zaiio – Tahn (Seclusiasis)
10. somejerk – Quantum Funk (Seclusiasis)
11. Loxy & Resound – Purity (31 Recordings)
12. Sinistarr – h3xx (31 Recordings)
13. Danny Scrilla – Singularity (Bandcamp)
14. Subvitals & Akrophobia – The Cure (Ground Mass)
15. Lost City Ft. King Mas – Stand (Dub)
16. Zed Bias – Shizam ft. Stylo G & Scrufizzer – Sam Binga Remix (Dub)
17. Out-or- K.L.O. (
18. Tittsworth Feat. Q-Tip, Theophilus London, & Alison Carney – After The Dance (somejerk bootleg)
19. Subxchronic & Johnathan Thomas – Make Em (Seclusiasis)
20. D-M-Y – There When I Need (Nausica Sound)
21. Chump Change – Tarry (
22. Gray Ghost – Pumps (Signaflo)
23. Bennelux – OG Kush (Bandcamp)
24. Iyer – The Brightest Star In The Sky (For Rashad) (Ground Mass)

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My 5 favorite sample packs of 2014


Sample usage in music production is a very debated topic. My belief is that electronic music (meaning hiphop, dance music, etc) is all sample based. Whether you’re sampling a vinyl record, use a microphone to do field recordings or record yourself playing a live instrument into a computer, you are using the power of sampling to create something new.

There are, of course, the obvious and lazy ways of sampling that just don’t cut it for some of us, but it’s important to remember that in the context of dance music, all that matters is how people are reacting to your music. Therefore it is ignorant to not consider the power of sampling when producing and remember that at one point, particularly the early 1980’s and 1990’s, there were no sample packs and you had to create your own – but sampling has dominated and defined how we do what we do since day one.

Here are five of my most used and most valued sample packs from this year. Not all of them were actually created this year, but these are my most used from 2014.

junglejungle_sample_pack_web1. Blu Mar Ten “Jungle Jungle” pack

Blu Mar Ten put together this fantastic collection of old school jungle and drumNBass sounds, which were all created from 1989-1999, providing an authentic vintage sound that is very sought after by new-jacks. Having gotten their start in the early days of jungle, gaining initial momentum by being signed to LTJ Bukem’s Good-Looking Records before they “quickly grew and mutated beyond the confines of the jungle into lush experimentation with downtempo, ambient, house, breaks, techno & left-field.”

You can hear a little (if not a lot) of this sample pack in all of my work. I like to chop up the drum breaks to create new patterns, sometimes I’ll take just a snare or kick and layer it with a not-so-interesting sound and come up with something new.

jedsound-twisted-fx-sampling-music-production-free-sample-pack2. Jedsound’s Twisted SFX

Jedsound’s free sample pack features a lot of sounds recorded seemingly around the house and just outside, lots of everyday noises that I like to re-purpose to either layer for texture or outright use as a musical note.

For example, the sample of the chair being dragged across the ground that makes a sort of Chewbacca-esque groan, can be popped into your favorite sampler, set to glide and then pitched down to create very unique bass growls!

I also enjoyed re-purposing the toaster oven timer as an alternative for a high hat – just popped into a sampler, added an arpeggiator to syncopate and bam! Fresh new sound with movement.

Download the samples and if you come up with anything interesting, be sure to hit up the TwistedTools peeps, as they’ll post cool creations.

rankin-audio-sample-packs-dubstep-trap-electro-house-garage-deep3. Rankin Audio Subscription

High Rankin is a beast of a producer and engineer. He’s started a sample pack and software preset company – Rankin Audio – and simply makes it a lot easier to achieve a certain vibe or sound within production.

I highly recommend the genre-specific sample packs and presets for newer producers trying to get a grip on the basics of music production. For example, I find that you will be more productive and feel more encouraged to make music if it sounds good, and as a newer producer, you cannot be expected to be a sound designer. So having tools such as pre-existing bass sounds, musical loops and percussion sequences makes the experience fun and fast.

From my standpoint, as an experienced producer, I find myself resampling a lot of the bass notes and individual percussion sounds as needed, often blending genres to create something that I find to be new and pleasing. Be sure to like the Rankin Audio Facebook page as you can get a pretty big collection of samples for free. Be warned – the free sample pack contains a lot of MP3’s, which I hope you know are of inferior quality for production. Don’t be cheap – buy some samples! You’ll thank me later.

fanu-free-bass-sample-pack-analogue-music-production4. Fanu’s Analogue Bass sample pack

Finish producer Fanu is known for his deep, groovy basslines and drum choppage and now you can have a tiny slice of his audio arsenal.

Created using his Arturia Microbrute synthesizer, these bass heavy synthesizer sounds can be used for any genre if you’re creative enough – just pop into your favorite sampler, play a few notes and see what you come up with.

Fanu also provides mixing and mastering services – in fact he’s been doing the latest Signaflo releases and has mastered a couple of my bootlegs.

Be sure to check his blog for studio tips and more free stuff, including this great reese bass tutorial.

rhythm-lab-classic-breakbeat-loops-free-samples5. Rhythmlab’s Breakbeats Collection

Breakbeats – the life blood of the music I love. If you’re from Florida, breakbeats usually refer to “break” music, a rave style that once dominated Miami clubs. If you’re a hiphop head, you know the breakbeat is the chunk of drums that has that killer groove and is the foundation for the rest of the song, what the rapper raps to and how the bass bumps.

No matter what the meaning is to you, this collection of breaks cannot be beat! Sort of a pun intended with that statement, but the point is that there are just so many ill loops in this pack that I could probably use this for the next 10 years and not run out of ideas.

This is one of those packs where, yeah, you’ve already got quite a few of these breaks but these may end up replacing your existing collections. All of these are high quality WAV files, seemingly straight from vinyl or CD.

I challenge you to take different drums from different loops and try to combine them into something new! Sample a kick from one, a clap from another, pop ‘em into a sampler, bust out your controller and do your best J Dilla impression.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Rhythm-Lab website, there’s so much great content, much of it for free.

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