Why hire me?

I have created a lot of things over the years. When I am not doing "music stuff" such as producing, mixing, mastering and remixing other artists, I am creating flyers, videos, logo and other visual material to promote artists, DJs, bands and small businesses.

A lot of my initial success in attaining DJ bookings was that I would put out regular DJ mixes and always have artwork with information to reach me. Surprisingly, many DJs and artists don't invest their time in this process and get stuck playing at home.


Depending on the genre and style of music, I offer remixes and other creative services.

From simply consulting and providing constructive feedback to producing, mixing and mastering your next project.

Send clips of your music (Soundcloud, Dropbox, etc) and let's get talking!


I will create your artwork, whether it's the cover for your next promotional DJ mix, revamping your existing logo or creating fun animated graphics for your social media presence.

From business cards to a new logo / branding identity, I can put your look together and make you look awesome-er.


Want to book me to play an event? Cool! I don't do weddings though, just putting that out there now.

Submit information, location and dates in mind as well as budget and let's get it going.



Remixing (limited genres)
Audio mixing
Audio mastering
DJ set editing / mastering


Graphic design
Logo design & branding
Print design
Full color printing