“Shadow” & “Distant Horns” out now

Until this day, the original Certified Organic is Version Collective’s best selling release and quickly propelled the label from a new imprint to a household name in the Deep Dubstep community.

Introducing the next installment in Version Collective’s flagship annual release series, Certified Organic 2.
released December 27, 2016

Artist: Various Artists
Label: Version Collective
Release-Date: December 27th, 2016
Catalogue No: VCC002(P1 and P2)
Format: Digital
Artwork: Theory Label Art
Mastering: MWM Mastering Services

Signalfire Review:
The Version Collective family announces their second “Certified Organic” compilation featuring a vast number of new and old faces in dubstep. This collection of cuts makes the deeper and noisy spectrum of the music style collide to give soundsystem culture the best of both worlds.

The impact of the first compilation was already very unexpected to many, as it hit with a force that shook the underground to their foundation and soul. It was then quickly embraced by just about everyone who supports the sound, including many respected publications like FKOF, DUPLOC, KeepDeep – and received a rewarding review by digital distributor Juno Download.

This is exactly what the label is planning to achieve with the next two-faced collection of tracks, displayed to the world in different parts. Without favouring a specific track, the label welcomes every production, including those of the familiars BunZer0, ARtroniks, Le Lion, Teffa and of course Drew’s Theory.

Together with all other artists they contribute to a madness in which they all showcase their unique vibration – whatever the vibe, skank or hit. It all converges with Version Collective’s simple goal of delivering highly rated Dubstep music without any form of boundaries, politics or compromise. It’s thanks to the fans’ continuous support that it has gained so much street credit over such a short period of time – and they couldn’t be more thankful for spreading the for cutting edge soundsystem music.

Solid State LP out now!

Solid State - an journey through many styles, textures and tempos. Created by Miami producer and DJ somejerk, Featuring collaborations with UK producers Crypticz and Dusty Ohms, the 14 tracks make their way through deep dubstep, grime, jungle and footwork influences, presenting an array of music built specifically for sound systems.

Unwilling to compromise, treating music as art, somejerk's "Solid State" album attempts to defy the status quo of mindless fodder and to create music that may, at times, challenge the listener.

"I am not trying to take you to your happy place, or any happy place for that matter. I am taking you to a state of anxiety, confusion, depression and, at times, ecstasy. Dynamics in music means dynamics in emotion, the two are the same."

"Solid State" is a reflection of the life and times of somejerk, his journey from different tempos, the evolution of Miami's bass music scenes and what he hopes to see in the future.

All tracks are produced and mixed by John 'somejerk' Gregory, except for "Sei Song" and "Meticulous" from 2013 to 2015 in Miami, FL, USA. Created using Ableton Live Suite. "Sei Song" was co-produced with Crypticz and "Meticulous" was co-produced with Dusty Ohms. All songs mastered by Janne Hatula (Fanu).